Giant iPhone

CFH have created a giant iPhone to display video content on a client’s recent exhibition stand. We wanted to create a bigger visual impression than just using a bog-standard plasma telly, and our 5ft high iPhone was the result! Just look at the standard iPhone in the foreground to get a sense of scale.

Place your orders now. (Not sure it will fit in your car though!)


How to create a new website in Hebrew without it all going gnorw…

This was an interesting challenge set by our client Regatta…”Please translate and produce our website into a Hebrew version! Thanks!”

Regatta UK website

Now we’re used to producing Regatta’s website in 7 languages already (including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Russian) – each of which have their own specific problems to overcome, but Hebrew is even more challenging in that as well as a completely new character set, Hebrew is read from right to left. So menus, navigations and the whole structure of the site has to rearrange at the click of a ‘flag’ in the footer of the site.

Regatta Hebrew website

Our web programmer techies had fun with the conversion however. Firstly, only one font family works with html coding (Arial), ┬ásecondly, to apply the translation, we had to copy and paste from Hebrew text supplied into our coding, which was unpredictable to say the least! We often found that pasting an entire sentence could leave ‘words the out coming way round wrong’. And, crucially, making sure that not only everything aligns right to left, but also that it reads from ‘tfel ot thgir’……..if you know what we mean!

It’s all Greek to me…

Dare2b Russian Brochure AW11

We’ve just finished 7 language versions of the latest Autumn Winter 11 Dare 2b ski brochure; including French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, English and most challenging of all…Russian!

Dare2b Russian page close-up

Wow, it was a tricky task translating the whole product brochure (all 96 pages of it) into a character set you’re not at all familiar with. Thankfully, the translation was provided and spell-checked by the client.

Dare2b - welcome to our mountain

Brand identity, corporate website and co-ordinated blog too…!

When she started her own HR consultancy earlier this year, Karen Credie knew she could rely on CFH to be the one-stop shop for her new brand identity, company stationery and corporate website.

We also advised her on setting up, designing and maintaining her very own blog too, to help maximise the company’s web presence.

HR best practice and advice

As well as a very slick, professional look and feel to the whole range of design projects we’ve now created for KMCHR, we’ve also made it very easy for Karen to update and maintain her own website with a bespoke content management system (CMS) that’s as easy as ABC for KMC…all from CFH! (Yes, we know, initials everywhere!)

Have a click on the blog too, there’s some great advice on there about HR issues that might affect your business without even realising it…

Dare2B – Forbidden Love – the video of the photo shoot…

“Forbidden Love” – the theme of a recent fashion shoot in the Alps for Dare2B branded skiwear led to CFH creating a video from stills and live action footage of snowboarding and skiing acrobatics…take a look for yourselves:

Funky new Harveys furniture shoot

Here’s some great new furniture from Harveys we’ve just shot on location around the North West of England. A nice mix of comfy sofas and elegant dining furniture in some superb houses. Keep an eye out at your nearest Harveys for great deals on these new ranges…

Art direction: Neil Priddey
Photography: Ant Fisher

New Hudson Reed and Ultra brochures; designed, printed and delivered.

The very latest Hudson Reed and Ultra bathroom brochures are now available from 1st July, 2010. CFH Creative has handled the design, photography and print yet again for these highly prestigious brands. Both brochures feature stunning new photography and stylish set builds, all handled in our in-house, purpose-built photographic studio.

Previously known as ‘Home of Ultra’, the mid-market brand has been updated to simply ‘Ultra’ and features a stylish, clean new look for its 192pp brochure. Hudson Reed clearly demonstrates its upmarket credentials yet again with the biggest brochure to date, another whopping 192 pages of gorgeous designer taps, showers, furniture and radiators to grace any contemporary bathroom or kitchen.

As we’ve been designing and maintaining the Ultra and Hudson Reed websites too, you can also view the new ranges online at: and

Fire and water combined for new glass splash backs brand

Kula Designer Splashbacks brand design

CFH have been briefed to create a new brand name and design for a stylish new range of glass splash backs from CP Tiles Group in Halifax.

We came up with the name ‘Kula’ and here’s why:

Firstly, we looked at the make up of the product itself and discovered that glass is actually manufactured during volcanic eruptions. Then, given that the product is designed to repel water (and other liquids in the kitchen) we combined the name of a volcano with a glass-like design and incorporated a subtle water droplet into the typography…can you see the water droplet?

We likened our subtle water droplet to the subliminal arrow contained within the Fedex logo…you have seen the arrow in the Fedex logo haven’t you…? It’s either one of the cleverest designs in the history of branding or a happy accident. As designers we prefer to heap praise on the designer. Here’s the logo and then the arrow highlighted in green…you’ll see the arrow every time now you’ll see a Fedex delivery truck!

Fedex and the 'secret' arrow

Kiniki Shoot in front of Table Mountain, Cape Town

Once we’d recovered from the helicopter gunship ‘attack’ on Wednesday, (see previous post!), this is a video of how the shoot day panned out. Stunning views of Table Mountain in the background. Blouberg Beach (about a half hour outside Cape Town) is a superb location and glorious beach. It gets a bit windswept and that sea is permanently freezing! (Comes off the Antarctic you know!).

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning…

We’ve just been buzzed by one of the choppers from Apocalypse Now! Flying at no more than 20ft above the surf over the beach just outside Cape Town, a helicopter gun ship gives us a flypast just as we’re prepping the first day’s Kiniki shoot. Amazing sound and sight – not your usual day at work anyway!

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