Regatta Professional website goes live

Regatta Professional Site

Professional by name and also by nature, a brand new web design featuring a dynamic home page and 360º product photography, the site coordinates with the recently launched new catalogue for a thoroughly branded corporate look, just like the Regatta gear…


Ultra adds new consumer brand to its portfolio

Premier Bathrooms website

CFH have just launched a new website for Ultra’s new consumer ‘Premier’ brand.

Previously, Premier was a trade-only brand, offering excellent value-for-money products and bulk buys to the trade.

As this brand has increased in popularity however, Ultra introduced more Premier-specific new ranges, such as shower cubicles, enclosures and shower trays that needed a consumer website as well as continuing to support the trade.

premier website

Speedy web site and rebrand presentation for Swift Industrial Supplies

Swift Industrial web design

This was a quick turn round project, hence all the ‘speed’ puns associated with the client’s name. Apologies. However, we were asked to create a new brand identity that reflected the nature of the business – industrial supplies wholesaler and distributor – and also to create a more impactful online presence.


Here’s the previous website for comparison:

Swift Industrial existing website

How to create a new website in Hebrew without it all going gnorw…

This was an interesting challenge set by our client Regatta…”Please translate and produce our website into a Hebrew version! Thanks!”

Regatta UK website

Now we’re used to producing Regatta’s website in 7 languages already (including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Russian) – each of which have their own specific problems to overcome, but Hebrew is even more challenging in that as well as a completely new character set, Hebrew is read from right to left. So menus, navigations and the whole structure of the site has to rearrange at the click of a ‘flag’ in the footer of the site.

Regatta Hebrew website

Our web programmer techies had fun with the conversion however. Firstly, only one font family works with html coding (Arial),  secondly, to apply the translation, we had to copy and paste from Hebrew text supplied into our coding, which was unpredictable to say the least! We often found that pasting an entire sentence could leave ‘words the out coming way round wrong’. And, crucially, making sure that not only everything aligns right to left, but also that it reads from ‘tfel ot thgir’……..if you know what we mean!

Brand identity, corporate website and co-ordinated blog too…!

When she started her own HR consultancy earlier this year, Karen Credie knew she could rely on CFH to be the one-stop shop for her new brand identity, company stationery and corporate website.

We also advised her on setting up, designing and maintaining her very own blog too, to help maximise the company’s web presence.

HR best practice and advice

As well as a very slick, professional look and feel to the whole range of design projects we’ve now created for KMCHR, we’ve also made it very easy for Karen to update and maintain her own website with a bespoke content management system (CMS) that’s as easy as ABC for KMC…all from CFH! (Yes, we know, initials everywhere!)

Have a click on the blog too, there’s some great advice on there about HR issues that might affect your business without even realising it… did not sink the Titanic!


Strange but true, Lincrusta decorative wallcoverings were actually used in many of the staterooms on board the Titanic. And, apparently can still be seen to have survived intact on some of the walls to this day! Rumours that the weight of the papers combined to sink the doomed vessel are completely unfounded…

On a serious note, though, we’ve just relaunched the Lincrusta brand through its own dedicated website with a fresh new look promoting a modern, contemporary use for Lincrusta as well as its renowned heritage and famed installations including “The White House” and JD Rockefeller’s house in New York.

Have a look at the stunning new photography we’ve shot in our studio and on location here:

Web design: Tony Bentley
Photography: Ant Fisher
Web programming: Andy Cox

Banned by YouTube…Schultz Jeans


Well, this was a bit of a shock! We’ve had one of our promo videos for Schultz Jeans banned by YouTube…the ‘official’ explanation is ‘inappropriate content’. Now, we find this a little hard to believe, so we ask you to make up your own minds.

The only thing we can think of is that the model has his hands tied together…hence the “I Want Out” theme. Given some of the content on YouTube, we’re frankly amazed our video has been banned!

Model: Lee Turner
Shot, directed and edited by: Neil Priddey

Sorry, we’re a bit tied up at the moment…!


Following on from our successful South African shoot for Schultz Men’s Jeans, we sourced a gritty, urban location just outside Manchester for this provocative fashion shoot to promote the new Women’s range of underwear as well as Men’s jeans and undies too.

This superb image certainly caused a stir and is reminiscent of some of the highly influential Hipgnosis album cover art from the mid-late 70s, particularly the blindfolded, suited gent just visible left of centre. Neil Priddey, whose concept and art direction was the source of the image, admitted that he’s a huge fan of Hipgnosis work and was inspired by their designs for major rock bands like Pink Floyd, Scorpions, 10CC and UFO. Ant Fisher shot the images, carefully orchestrating the positions of the ‘girls’ to enable Tony Bentley to complete the retouching and final composite shot.

Tony has also created a flash movie showing the girls appearing one by one, now featured on the CFH website home page – visible here:

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