Kula designer glass splashbacks in national tile retailer

Kula designer glass splashbacks


If you’re looking for some sleek designer chic styling for your kitchen or bathroom then delve into your nearest Topps Tiles store and have a peek at the new range of Kula designer glass splashbacks. Available in an array of colours, designs and sizes they add a splash of contemporary colour and style to your home. See the range available here: Kula at Topps Tiles

CFH created the logo and even the name for the new range. You might think that Kula is a derivative, trendy way of spelling ‘cooler’ perhaps..? Well, it’s actually a bit more complex than that…we explored the link between glass and water, how glass was made, the temperature required, the constituent elements… and boy did we learn a lot in the process!

As well as Kula being a god in Polynesian mythology, it’s also the name of a volcano in western Turkey. In some volcanic eruptions, the combination of intense heat (>2000 degrees C) plus the silica and other bits of rock can make all kinds of different glass, such as obsidian and Pele’s tears (no, not the 2nd best footballer ever, (after George Best of course) but the Hawaiian god of volcanoes).

The tear drop idea led us to compare this to a water drop, and the Kula volcano gave us the name (and yes it sounds like ‘cooler’ and we liked the positive brand attributes associated with it). To complete the design, we created the 3D brand logo to look like it was made of glass and included the subtle water droplet within the ‘a’ letter of Kula.


Latest editions of Hudson Reed and Ultra catalogues

Hudson Reed and Ultra - August 2011

Ultra featured a whole new design change for their latest 196pp catalogue, featuring colour coded sections for easier browsing throughout the brochure. Hudson Reed’s August 2011 edition shows off gorgeous new photography and a subtle design update to a well-established premium bathroom brand. Available now in a local bathroom specialist retailer near you!

Ultra spread

Hudson Reed spread

Ultra adds new consumer brand to its portfolio

Premier Bathrooms website

CFH have just launched a new website for Ultra’s new consumer ‘Premier’ brand.

Previously, Premier was a trade-only brand, offering excellent value-for-money products and bulk buys to the trade.

As this brand has increased in popularity however, Ultra introduced more Premier-specific new ranges, such as shower cubicles, enclosures and shower trays that needed a consumer website as well as continuing to support the trade.

premier website

Regatta Professional – quality you can rely on

Regatta Professional 2012 Catalogue

Whatever the weather, whatever the job, Regatta Professional clothing promises to keep the wearer protected against the elements all year round. So says the latest 120pp Regatta Professional catalogue designed, printed and produced by CFH. The catalogue was translated into several languages for European markets, including Dutch and German and also featured studio photography of every single garment in every single colour, all shot in our in-house studio, cut out and colour matched to specific garment colours.


Regatta squares up for 2012 spring summer launch

Regatta 2012 Spring Summer Catalogue

We’ve just printed, produced and delivered Regatta’s next season catalogues with the biggest pagination yet for the UK’s No.1 outdoor clothing brand.

244 pages in a funky square 225mm format and produced in 9 different versions with more language variations than you can shake a stick at! You’ve got English, naturally, and also French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Swiss (German) and Swiss again (French this time) and last but not least, the most challenging of all, Russian.

A multi-tasking, multi-lingual, perfect-bound, perfect project from CFH.

Dare 2b goes funky day-glo and spot UV

Dare 2b’s latest trade catalogue features all kinds of tricky-to-print garment colours – fluorescent pinks, yellows, greens and blues – all out of 4 colour process, with no specials.

Dare 2b 2012 Catalogue

Printed and produced by CFH, our print guru (Shelley) worked tirelessly with repro and pre-press to ensure colour accuracy and vibrancy on the page. The front cover features a nice shiny spot varnish too.

It’s all Greek to me…

Dare2b Russian Brochure AW11

We’ve just finished 7 language versions of the latest Autumn Winter 11 Dare 2b ski brochure; including French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, English and most challenging of all…Russian!

Dare2b Russian page close-up

Wow, it was a tricky task translating the whole product brochure (all 96 pages of it) into a character set you’re not at all familiar with. Thankfully, the translation was provided and spell-checked by the client.

Dare2b - welcome to our mountain

New Hudson Reed and Ultra brochures; designed, printed and delivered.

The very latest Hudson Reed and Ultra bathroom brochures are now available from 1st July, 2010. CFH Creative has handled the design, photography and print yet again for these highly prestigious brands. Both brochures feature stunning new photography and stylish set builds, all handled in our in-house, purpose-built photographic studio.

Previously known as ‘Home of Ultra’, the mid-market brand has been updated to simply ‘Ultra’ and features a stylish, clean new look for its 192pp brochure. Hudson Reed clearly demonstrates its upmarket credentials yet again with the biggest brochure to date, another whopping 192 pages of gorgeous designer taps, showers, furniture and radiators to grace any contemporary bathroom or kitchen.

As we’ve been designing and maintaining the Ultra and Hudson Reed websites too, you can also view the new ranges online at:

www.hudsonreed.co.uk and www.homeofultra.co.uk

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