Shaws of Darwen features in Architecture Today

Shaws of Darwen full page ad campaign

Appearing this month in the July issue of Architecture Today, the latest full page ad for Shaws of Darwen features the Holburne Museum in Bath.

The museum reopened in May this year following three years of closure whilst being restored.

Shaws provided the expertise and craftsmanship in restoring and replacing much of the terracotta architectural detailing to this fine building, whilst CFH expertly crafted this stylishly understated full page advertising campaign for Shaws.


Kiniki Shoot in front of Table Mountain, Cape Town

Once we’d recovered from the helicopter gunship ‘attack’ on Wednesday, (see previous post!), this is a video of how the shoot day panned out. Stunning views of Table Mountain in the background. Blouberg Beach (about a half hour outside Cape Town) is a superb location and glorious beach. It gets a bit windswept and that sea is permanently freezing! (Comes off the Antarctic you know!).

Banned by YouTube…Schultz Jeans


Well, this was a bit of a shock! We’ve had one of our promo videos for Schultz Jeans banned by YouTube…the ‘official’ explanation is ‘inappropriate content’. Now, we find this a little hard to believe, so we ask you to make up your own minds.

The only thing we can think of is that the model has his hands tied together…hence the “I Want Out” theme. Given some of the content on YouTube, we’re frankly amazed our video has been banned!

Model: Lee Turner
Shot, directed and edited by: Neil Priddey

Sorry, we’re a bit tied up at the moment…!


Following on from our successful South African shoot for Schultz Men’s Jeans, we sourced a gritty, urban location just outside Manchester for this provocative fashion shoot to promote the new Women’s range of underwear as well as Men’s jeans and undies too.

This superb image certainly caused a stir and is reminiscent of some of the highly influential Hipgnosis album cover art from the mid-late 70s, particularly the blindfolded, suited gent just visible left of centre. Neil Priddey, whose concept and art direction was the source of the image, admitted that he’s a huge fan of Hipgnosis work and was inspired by their designs for major rock bands like Pink Floyd, Scorpions, 10CC and UFO. Ant Fisher shot the images, carefully orchestrating the positions of the ‘girls’ to enable Tony Bentley to complete the retouching and final composite shot.

Tony has also created a flash movie showing the girls appearing one by one, now featured on the CFH website home page – visible here:

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