Kula designer glass splashbacks in national tile retailer

Kula designer glass splashbacks


If you’re looking for some sleek designer chic styling for your kitchen or bathroom then delve into your nearest Topps Tiles store and have a peek at the new range of Kula designer glass splashbacks. Available in an array of colours, designs and sizes they add a splash of contemporary colour and style to your home. See the range available here: Kula at Topps Tiles

CFH created the logo and even the name for the new range. You might think that Kula is a derivative, trendy way of spelling ‘cooler’ perhaps..? Well, it’s actually a bit more complex than that…we explored the link between glass and water, how glass was made, the temperature required, the constituent elements… and boy did we learn a lot in the process!

As well as Kula being a god in Polynesian mythology, it’s also the name of a volcano in western Turkey. In some volcanic eruptions, the combination of intense heat (>2000 degrees C) plus the silica and other bits of rock can make all kinds of different glass, such as obsidian and Pele’s tears (no, not the 2nd best footballer ever, (after George Best of course) but the Hawaiian god of volcanoes).

The tear drop idea led us to compare this to a water drop, and the Kula volcano gave us the name (and yes it sounds like ‘cooler’ and we liked the positive brand attributes associated with it). To complete the design, we created the 3D brand logo to look like it was made of glass and included the subtle water droplet within the ‘a’ letter of Kula.


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