Fire and water combined for new glass splash backs brand

Kula Designer Splashbacks brand design

CFH have been briefed to create a new brand name and design for a stylish new range of glass splash backs from CP Tiles Group in Halifax.

We came up with the name ‘Kula’ and here’s why:

Firstly, we looked at the make up of the product itself and discovered that glass is actually manufactured during volcanic eruptions. Then, given that the product is designed to repel water (and other liquids in the kitchen) we combined the name of a volcano with a glass-like design and incorporated a subtle water droplet into the typography…can you see the water droplet?

We likened our subtle water droplet to the subliminal arrow contained within the Fedex logo…you have seen the arrow in the Fedex logo haven’t you…? It’s either one of the cleverest designs in the history of branding or a happy accident. As designers we prefer to heap praise on the designer. Here’s the logo and then the arrow highlighted in green…you’ll see the arrow every time now you’ll see a Fedex delivery truck!

Fedex and the 'secret' arrow


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